RUNAWAY, a spunky young girl runs away from home to join the Broadway production of Annie. Follow her as she stumbles along with six siblings, swat teams, stage mothers, first love, and the farcical lessons learned from the stage. It’s a cheeky, honest, and tenderly told tale. Runaway. See how far she gets.

Breaking News:   In the hopes of getting my story out there I thought I’d see what my show sounded like as a podcast play. Here are episodes 1 & 2, recorded at Hangar Studios here in New York City. Enjoy.

Fair warning,most of this is a true story but some liberties and some names have been changed to protect the identities of friends and family. Explicit language.


RUNAWAY was developed in Matt Hoverman's Go-Solo workshop.

Selections of RUNAWAY have been read at Naked Angels ground floor development

James Valletti - Director

 Annie Meisels – Acting Coach